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Product Details

Hitachi SJ700 series drives are designed to meet the production and performance needs of OEMs and machine builders, system integrators, panel builders and end users across all industry segments to serve wide range of applications.

The drive comes with many standard features and capabilities and can be augmented with various communications and I/O options. With wide-range of options for I/Os and communications, Hitachi SJ700 series drives can be easily configured to meet the requirements of wide-range of applications like pumps, fans, compressors, OEM machinery, material handling cranes, hoists, conveyors, etc. across various industry segments i.e. steel & metal, plastics, paper, etc.

With the full range of harmonics filters, Hitachi provides very cost-effective and efficient solutions to customers to manage the harmonics generated by the drives not only to meet the IEEE 519 harmonics guidelines but also to make the Drive system much more energy efficient and eco friendly.

Wide Range of Options and AccessoriesHitachi SJ700 series drive provides wide range of I/Os, communication options and complete range of harmonics filters, sinusoidal filters which can give highly efficient, cost effective and powerful solutions for all applications. In addition to this, the programmability in the drives makes it very easy and flexible to customize for different applications and requirements.

High Performance:
Hitachi SJ700 series drives are designed for high torque demanding applications that have high overload requirements. At the heart of the drive, there are the high-performance motor control modes like special 0 Hz.Sensorless Vector Control Mode (SLV), closed loop vector control that provide ultimate performance for the drive to deliver high performance.

Ease of Maintenance and Operation:
Hitachi SJ700 series drives are very easy to maintain and operate. The  design and  construction  of  the  drives is  such  that replacement of failed components like fans and capacitors can be accomplished  within  the  field in  fraction  of  minutes.  The components in the drive are designed for long life without any failures.  Various preventive  maintenance  functions  are incorporated  in  the  drive  to  make it  extremely  simple  for maintenance personnel to maintain the drives in the field.

The drives come with very powerful and graphical drive programming software which makes it very simple for engineers and technicians to manage various parameter sets in the drive and analyze drive performance very easily.

Robust and Rugged Construction:
It offers enhanced reliability and longer MTBF.