Chint LV Products

Chint company annual turnover is more than 30 Billion USD with over 30,000 workers.

Chint is a $1 billion asset Chinese Electric products, company registered in Shanghai stock exchange with main 5 business fields of

(i) Low voltage Electrics (ii) Power transmission and distribution (iii) Solar products (iv) Meters and Instruments (v) Electrics for construction application.  

Chint has complete line value of manufacturing, R&D, Sales and Marketing. Chint is top private owned enterprise of China, a well know national trademark, top 100 best employers of China, top10 Most Competitive Companies in   Machine-Building Industry.

Chint possesses ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS, ISO17025– Accreditation certification of Chinese national accreditation board of laboratories, ISO10012-Certificate for perfecting the system of inspection measurement and test.

Chint product packages covers distribution, control, terminal electrical appliances, relays electronics, power electronics, capacitors and knife switch etc.

Including 8 – categories, more than 120 series, over 1000 kinds of specifications. Providing solutions to industries like Electric power, Metallurgy, Petrochemical, Construction, Communication and HVAC.

Chint has huge production capabilities for ACB, MCCB, MCB, RCBO RCCB, Contactor’s used across the world for reputed and high valued projects, industries and Corporations backed by CHINT quality system of supplier quality control, design quality assurance, manufacture quality control and customer management relation. Chint also carries a band of international certificates including CE, UL, VDE and Det Norske Veritas etc., with world class production, R&D and test labs supported by world class logistics of warehousing and distribution.

Chint has branding for some of major Indian electrical companies under non-disclosure agreement .

The Global Specialist in Electric Industry:

1,world-class clean energy developer;

2,various series energy efficiency management solutions provider.
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  • Systems Solution For Overseas



  • 8 industry solutions, including electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, construction, communications and HVAC, etc.