Product Details

1) Adopting advanced inverter technique and excellent imported raw material, high working efficiency,small in size and light in weight
2) High frequency pressurization arc starting and pulse heat arc starting design which is easy for arc starting,wide range for current adjusting and surperior of cost performance
3) Protection equipment are set internally to prevent over heat,over current,lack of voltage etc. to ensure safety operation
4) Unique design of output characteristic,suitable for wire-added welding and esthetic welding seam
5) Strong adaptability to grid,high duty cycle and suitable for continuous working of factory
6) Simple stucture,excellent technics,durability,reliablity and easy maintenance
7) Ideal equipment to weld stainless steel,carbon steel,pure copper(red copper) etc.
8) One machine serves serval purposes and stable performance,high effficiency and energy-saving,high effficiency and energy-saving
9) Adopting passive power factor correction,and high in power factor