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Product Details

NXR thermal overload relays (hereinafter abbreviated as thermal relays) are suitable for
overload and phase loss protection for uninterrupted or intermittent AC motors with AC
frequency of 50 Hz/60 Hz, a voltage up to 690 V, and a current of (0.1-630)A.
The thermal relays also provide temperature compensation, action indication, automatic
and manual reset, stop, and testing functions. The products are characterized by stable and
reliable performance. The thermal relays can be plugged into contactors or installed independently.
Compliant standards: IEC/EN 60947-4-1, IEC/EN 60947-5-1.

Parameters :

▪-5℃~+40℃. The 24-hour average temperature should not exceed +35℃.
For use beyond the normal operation temperature range, see “Instructions for use
in abnormal conditions” in the annex.
▪Not exceeding 2000m above sea level
▪The relative humidity should not exceed 50% at the upper temperature limit of
+70℃. A higher relative humidity is allowed at a lower temperature, e.g. 90% at
+20℃. Special precautions should be taken against occasional condensation due
to humidity variations.
▪The angle between the installation surface and the vertical surface should not
exceed ±5°.
▪The product should be installed in places without significant shaking, shock, and
▪ Three-phase bi-metal sheet type or electronic type (NXR-200, NXR-630), with a tripping level
of 10A
▪ With phase loss protection
▪ With a device for continuous adjustment of setting current
▪ With temperature compensation
▪ With action indication
▪ With testing mechanism
▪ With stop bottom
▪ With manual and automatic reset button (NXR-200 and NXR-630 only have manual reset)
▪ With one NO contact and one NC contact that are electrically separable
▪ Installation method: Plugged into contactor (NXR-12, 25, 38, 100) or installed independently
(NXR-200, 630)
▪ Protection characteristics