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Product Details

Side-by-Side Installation :

The compact dimensions allow for space-saving side-by- side installation

Versatile Functions:

Energy saving functionAn automatic function has been implemented to minimize energy consumption.

Arithmetic and delay functions Timer function can reduce the need for external hardware.

Keypad / Terminal switchingSource of frequency and run commands can be selected via intelligent terminal.

Easy Operation:

The RUN/STOP/RESET functions are integrated in one button for easy operation

A multi-function, attachable operation panel is available as an option

2nd motor functionSettings for 1st and 2nd motor can be selected via intelli- gent input.

Three-wire OperationMomentary Contacts can be utilized for RUN and STOP.

Analog Input Disconnection – detection functionThe NE-S1 outputs a disconnection signal when the fre- quency command via the analog input is lost.