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Product Details

The JL/X range of slip ring motor drives is a derivation of the PL/X Digital DC drive product range. It shares the same software and hardware platforms and delivers the same precise digital control functionality enjoyed by users of the established range of DC Drives. The main difference between the PL/X and JL/X range is that the thyristor stack configuration has been designed to provide a firing angle controlled 3 phase output (U, V, W) suitable for
controlling slip ring motors in either 2 or 4 Quadrant modes. All the fieldbus options and configuration software packages used with the PL/X are also available for the JL/X range.
The JL/X range covers output currents from 100 to 1680 Amps and is available in 3 frame sizes with standard supply voltage inputs up to 480VAC. (Frame 2, 4 and 5). Frame 4 and 5 also have the option of being supplied as MV or HV units that are able to accept AC
supply voltages up to 600 or 690 VAC for higher voltage applications. All models have the high current 3 phase supply terminals in standard top entry, with the motor connections at the
bottom of the unit. The overload capability of this range is 150% for 25 seconds.