Product Details

INVT Studio is based on the inverter monitoring system with serial ports and Ethernet. It not only can modify and save the function codes of inverters, but also be used as oscilloscope to collect and analyze the waveform data.


1)Operating environment: Windows 7, Windows XP, the recommended computer memory>1GB;

(2) Supports MODBUS, Ethernet, UDP communication and two kinds of communication can be used at the same time;

(3) Support new build-up, save and management;

(4) Support batch upload and download of parameters for the function codes; as well as the query, modification and export, etc;

(5) Support the state monitoring, read/write of each bit in the state word and control word; support multiple hexadecimal displaying;

(6) Support the selection of general parameters and save the historical record of parameters which are modified recently;

(7) Supports monitoring and operation of multiple inverters and control on the start, stop, forward and reverse rotation;

(8)Support flexible modification and configuration of the files for function codes; meet all kinds of needs of non-standard software;

(9)Support fault diagnosis, pop up the fault reason and other solutions;

(10)With strong oscilloscope for site commissioning and solutions;

(11)With help file and each function code has a detailed description;

(12) Support Chinese and English.