NE-S1 Series

Space Saving

  •  Side-by-Side Installation

Among the smallest form-factors in its category
The compact dimensions allow for space-saving side-by- side installation.
no space

  •  Easy Operation

The RUN/STOP/RESET functions are integrated in one button for easy operation
A multi-function, attachable operation panel is available as an option
easy op

  • Versatile Functions

Energy saving functionAn automatic function has been implemented to minimize energy consumption.
Arithmetic and delay functions Timer function can reduce the need for external hardware.
Keypad / Terminal switchingSource of frequency and run commands can be selected via intelligent terminal.
2nd motor functionSettings for 1st and 2nd motor can be selected via intelli- gent input.
Three-wire Operation
Momentary Contacts can be utilized for RUN and STOP.
Analog Input Disconnection – detection function
The NE-S1 outputs a disconnection signal when the fre- quency command via the analog input is lost.

  • Model Name Indication

name indi

  • Model Line-up

model linw up

  • Applications

Optimal performance for energy saving applications such as fans and pumps
Fans and air conditioners
Air conditioning systems
Fans and blowers
Clean rooms
Water and wastewater pump systems
Tankless water supply and drainage systems
Food Processing Machines
Confectionery machines
Fruit sorters

Standard Specifications

  • 1-phase 200V class


  • 3-phase 400V class

3 pahse

General Specifications