BD600 – High Perfomance Vector Control Inverter



The series of BD600 products are high-performance inverter based on core technology platform of vector control and torque control, which have the functions of PG vector control, non-PG vector control and V/F control and are more suitable for requirements of high end control in terms of control accuracy. The modularized soft hardware functions meet the demands  of high-end industries, such as jack-up, lifting, paper making, chemical fiber, elevator, rolling mill and packaging.

Product features :

◆ Higher:
   High-accuracy: Accuracy of open-loop control can reach ±0.2%. Accuracy of close-loop control can reach ±0.02%
   High torque :0.5Hz/150%(SVC),0Hz/180%(VC)
◆ Faster:
   Fast response of torque:control mode of open-loop torque:response time of torque <20ms;control mode of close-loop torque:response time of torque <10ms;
   Fast speed response: Internally installed DC braking function. Fast  stop is applicable.
◆ Stronger:
   Stronger function:the function that instant  power down cannot cause machine halt, trace of revolving speed and restart function, droop control function, torque control function, etc.
◆ More complete:
   Control mode:speed control, torque control;core algorithm:V/F、open-loop vector、close-loop vector
◆ Complete fault diagnosis, alarm and protection function ensure the reliability of machine work to the largest degree.
◆ Unique tension control algorithm. Torque control of close-loop vector.
◆ Unique drive control program of  can realize multipoint principal axis positioning of close-loop vector control.
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Technical parameters:

◆ Input voltage:1AC220V±15%  3AC220V±15%  3AC380V±15%
◆ Input frequency: 47~63Hz,power factor≥95%
◆ Power range: 380Vlevel:0.75kW~315kW
◆ Output frequency range:0~300Hz
◆ Control mode:Non-PG vector control:speed adjustable range 1:200; PG vector control:speed adjustable range 1:1000 and V/F control.
◆ Source of operation instruction:  given by panel, terminal and   RS485 communication.
◆ Source of given frequency:given by panel figure, analog quantity, RS485  serial communications, multi-speedsimple PLC and PID etc.
◆ Overload capacity:type B :150% rated current 60s, 180% rated current10s; type P 120% rated current 60s, 150% rated current 10s.
◆ Pull-in torque:0.5Hz/180%(non-PG vector control(SVC)),range of speed 1:100(SVC),control accuracy of speed  : non-PG : ±0.5%,PG: accuracy in speed stabilizing can reach 0.02%.
◆ Carrier frequency:1.0kHz~15.0kHz,and can be automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristic.
◆ Frequency resolution:the given digital value is 0.01Hz,and the analog quantity is given as the highest frequency plus 0.1%.
◆ Torque elevation:manual torque can elevate 0~30%,and implement control over the set modes of many VC torque.
◆ Brake:DC braking when starting and closing down.
◆ Inching operation:frequency range:0.0Hz~ maximum frequency of output,time  of inching acceleration and deceleration:0~3600.0s
◆ Simple PLC and multi-speed operation:as many as 16 speeds operation can be realized through built-in PLC or controlling terminals.
◆Internally installed process PID:convenient for the realization of close-loop control of quantity of process (pressure, temperature, rate of flow);
◆ Automatic voltage regulation:automatically keep the output voltage stable during voltage fluctuations.
◆ DC bus can be shared by many inverters and the energy is balanced automatically.
◆ Input and output terminal:6 DI input terminal,and can be extended for another 4, which contains one high speed pulse terminal;
   1 digital output terminal,2 relay output terminal and 1 extendable high speed pulse terminal;
   2 analog input and 2 analog output that can be extended for another 2.
◆ LED can display set frequency, output frequency, output voltage, current output etc; and the optional LCD operation interface can realize the quick copy of parameters.
◆ PG simple positioning function and torque control.


◆ jack-up.
◆ lifting.
◆ paper making.
◆ chemical fiber.
◆ elevator.
◆ rolling mill.
◆ packaging and textile.